Monkey 47

Press Relations, Online Communication, Storytelling

Phase:  Create brand messages, bring brand messages to their target

Customer: Monkey 47 gin - Black Forest distillers, the best gin in the world according to a recent jury verdict, German handicraft product from the Black Forest with a worldwide reputation.

Project:  Creators of the brand have established this with the utmost attention to detail and perfection, and combined it superbly with a well communicable brand story. Product, brand, history and packaging have received numerous awards.

Press relations: Communication of brand messages and story with the usual means of press relations, as well as exclusive placements and trips for journalists.

Achievements of press relations: Since 2011, there have been press releases with a certified scope of more than 160 million readers which exceeded an advertising value of more than 12 million euros.

Online communication: Obtaining bloggers, bloggers events, bloggers distilling gin

Target: Authentic, non-promotional information of credible multipliers