University Hospital Frankfurt

PR Conception, Integrated Brand Communication

Phase: Brand positioning, create brand messages, bring brand messages to their target

Customer: University Hospital Frankfurt, in the top group of German hospitals, international center for research

Project: Phase 1 - Brand positioning

Support and moderation of an internal working group for repositioning the brand

Definition of corporate key notes

Slight renovation of Adrian Frutiger’s historic logo

Corporate design manual in conjunction with Goethe University, Frankfurt

Comprehensive, progressive inclusion of logo and corporate design, target: Omnipresence and consolidation

Comprehensive branding (selection): Media, printed materials, advertisements, business cards, poster and presentation templates, automotive and building lettering, introduction of signposting in corporate design

Phase 2 - Create brand messages

Development of a new, well communicable corporate theme and claims

Collection, research, formulation of messages with a focus on competitive differentiation

Phase 3 - Bring brand messages to their target

Press relations, specialist and consumer media, all press relations measures, translation of highly complex technical messages into easily understandable language

Staff magazine (corporate publishing), weekly, employee information, Target: motivation, identification, development as multipliers

House newspaper (corporate publishing), circulation of 5000, quarterly, 20 pages long, intelligible communication of medical offers and successes, public information, Target: Transport and strengthen corporate design; awareness, confidence, convey expertise

Annual report (corporate publishing), annually, Target: see house newspaper. Special brochures for communicating individual services and expertise