HKB Bank

Brand Positioning, Press Relations

Phase: Brand positioning, create brand messages, bring brand messages to their target

Customer: HKB Bank is a financial institution specialised in financial investment and real estate credit, located in Frankfurt am Main. It offers investment opportunities for call money and fixed deposits on terms rarely found in the market. For more than half a century, HBK Bank considers the individual needs of their customers the objective and motor of its business activities. In 1958, the institute was founded as the classic branch bank „Handel und Kredit GmbH & Co. KG“ (Trade and Credit Ltd) in the North Rhine-Westphalian town Altena. In order to not just offer their products regionally, HBK Bank completed its conversion to direct banking.

Project: With the change from a regionally active bank to a direct bank without these limits on activity, the institute changed its business model. New services, products, investment opportunities and real estate credits are now in its portfolio. Tasks to be completed were the formulation of the repositioning, placement in the bank's own media and communication to specialised media, affiliate partners and end customers.

Target: The services and corporate values of HKB Bank must be communicated clearly, comprehensibly and credibly. For the institute, this is the indispensable foundation of a trusting, honest, and personal cooperation with its customers.

Creation of a contact strategy for specialised media, affiliate partners and end customers.

Press relations for market launches of new products, presentation of the changed business model on the HKB website