FraPPE - Project regarding suicide prevention

Logo Design, Campaign Development

Phase: Brand positioning, Creating Brand Messages, Bringing Brand Messages to Their Target

Customer: Communication measures are employed to help prevent suicides. The "Frankfurt Project for the Prevention of Suicides via Evidence-based Measures" (Frankfurter Projekt zur Prävention von Suiziden mittels evidenzbasierten Maßnahmen; FrappE) aims to evaluated a comprehensive programme for suicide prevention made up of multiple layered measures. These measures are examined regarding their effectiveness in preventing suicides and attempted suicides as well as their ability to promote networking between the actors in the public health system.

Project: Brand positioning, logo design, awareness campaign for the general public and emergency departmens, website design

Target: Creating awareness for the project and one subproject through distinctive brand creation incl. logo design

Poster and postcard campaign to create awareness for the issue of suicide among the general public, destigmatisation through breaking up clichés; further poster campaign especially for emergency personell, creating awareness for the urgency of suicide prevention, issuing recommendations for action

Creating an informative website complementary to the existing website of the "Frankfurt Network for Suicide Prevention" (Frankfurter Netzwerk für Suizidprävention; FRANS)